Our Land

Honoring the land and the people who love it.

How will we restore the land?

We will quarry approximately 5 hectares per year while preparing the next 5 hectares for quarrying the following year. When production begins the second year, we will restore the land quarried the first year, and so on. We will replace the topsoil and plant two-year-old saplings and native plants to bring the land back to its state before quarrying. CPS is committed to ensuring a minimal footprint during quarrying and will work with Manitoba Sustainable Development to ensure the habitat is cultivated for wildlife.

Restoration efforts will be overseen by an Operational Oversight Committee made up of community members. Based on their feedback and input, CPS may partner with community efforts to restore the land for possible agriculture production such as berries, wild rice, traditional medicines, and vegetable production that can create additional income streams and more jobs for local businesses.

Sustainable Commercial Growing

CPS will support the development of sustainable commercial growing of blueberries, wild rice, or any other crop that would add value to the local community. CPS will work with community members involved in food security issues to guide these efforts.

In the Spring of 2019, CPS will develop an Agricultural Research Station onsite to investigate:

  • Methods for successful native lowland berry transplanting,
  • Berry production, including the review of all possible varieties,
  • Feasibility of greenhouse season extension,
  • Creating a wild rice seed bank,
  • Experimenting with conventional rice growing techniques and rice varieties, and finally
  • Experimenting with 4-season food production to help generate interest in creating a local source of fresh vegetable production

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